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Pancontrol Spannungsprüfer PAN VOLTTESTER 400FI & Jokari Kabelmesser Secura 28H
Pancontrol Spannungsprüfer PAN VOLTTESTER 400FI...
Jokari Secura Entmantler No. 28H 0 8 - 28 mm I 5/16“ - 1.1/8“ I .32“ - 1.10“ Kabelmesser zum Abmanteln aller gängigen Rundkabel Schnitttiefe mit Einstellschraube am Griffende einstellbar Griffsicherheit durch Weichkomponenten-Einlage am...
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€31.90 *
Pancontrol® PAN ALLROUNDER 200AD | Spannungs- &...
Pancontrol® PAN ALLROUNDER 200AD | Spannungs- & Durchgnagsprüfer Spannungsprüfer + Stromzange LED + LCD 1000V | 200A AC/DC True RMS Einer für Alles! Einfach bedienbar wie Spannungsprüfer, vielseitig wie Multimeter: Spannungsprüfer +...
Content 1 Piece
€159.90 *
Pancontrol PAN MV-1000A | Voltage and...
Pancontrol PAN MV-1000A | Voltage and continuity testers Voltage Tester 1000V LED + rotary field indication 2-pole rotary field indication Low voltages up to 24 V: green LEDs, dangerous voltages from 50 V: red LEDs Switchable load for...
Content 1 Piece
€68.99 *
PAN-voltage tester 400FI + Jokari Abisolierzange Super 4 Plus
PAN-voltage tester 400FI + Jokari...
PAN-voltage tester 400FI + Jokari Abisolierzange Super 4 Plus PAN-voltage tester 400FI 2-pole voltage tester with LED display 6 - 400V AC / DC + 30mA RCD test 8 LEDs 6-400 V AC / DC, for low voltages up to 24 V: green, hazardous voltages...
Content 2 Piece
€36.99 *
Pancontrol PAN multidetector
Pancontrol PAN Multidetector Wood, metal and cable locator • Finds wooden beams, metal supports and pipes in walls • Finds accidentally plastered sockets and junction boxes • Non-contact indication of AC voltages by red LED and beep •...
Content 1 Piece
€29.49 *
PAN Pocketmeter True RMS 300V CAT III Pocket...
PAN Pocketmeter True RMS 300V CAT III Pocket Multimeter with automatic function selection Scope of delivery: instruction manual, test cable, bag Single pole phase test with audible alarm Digital display with analog bar 21.5mm digital...
Content 1 Piece
€34.99 *
Multi-sensor measuring device PAN 185 1000V CAT...
Multi-sensor measuring device PAN 185 1000V CAT III for electrical and physical quantities Scope of delivery: user manual, test cable, type K temperature sensor, bag 20mm digital display backlight Display value up to 3999 Automatic and...
Content 1 Piece
€153.99 *
PAN 2000 Spannungsprüfer 1-polig
Spannungsprüfer 1-polig PAN 2000 Prüf-Schraubendreher mit LCD-Display 1-polig 12 - 230 V AC, 12 - 36V DC Eigenschaften: 1-poliger Spannungs- und Phasenprüfer mit LCD Anzeige und Neon-Glimmlampe Geeigent für Gleichspannung (KFZ) und...
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€7.50 *
VDE EURO Voltage tester
VDE EURO Voltage tester High-quality, single- pole tester with screwdriver blade Voltage range: 125 - 250 V Grip made of shock-resistant ABS plastic with a fixed integrated glow lamp. The always dark background allows a better...
Content 1 Piece
€3.99 *
PAN line search
PAN line search Finding Lines and Cables Scope of delivery: transmitter and receiver, user manual, adapter with alligator clips, earphones, bag Line locator and LAN tester for single conductors, telephone and network cable To find...
Content 1 Piece
€95.49 *
PAN luxmeter
PAN luxmeter Digital luxmeter 0.01 - 400,000 LUX Illuminated digital display: 22 mm Display value up to 9999 Backlight: yes Data Hold Weight: 403g Accuracy: 5% - 10% Light intensity: 40, 400, 4,000, 40,000, 400,000 LUX Maximum value...
Content 1 Piece
€23.50 *
Pancontrol LAN tester and digital multimeter
Pancontrol LAN tester and digital multimeter LAN tester + digital multimeter 300V CAT III with autom. range selection Description: Dimensions 162 x 74,5 x 44 mm Digital display 21mm Display value up 1999 DC voltage DC (V =) 0,1 mV - 600...
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€75.99 *
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